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Personal Accident Insurance in Portugal

Everyday life accidents do not only happen to the others. Subscribe a Personal Accident insurance might be a real advantage for your tranquility, the one of your family and your financial security.

In order to get the best cover, it is important to understand what is a Personal Accident insurance and in which context we can apply it. The Personal Accident covered disability risks or death of the insured, in case of accident, in Portugal and abroad.

Besides ensuring economic security to the insured at a fair price, the Personal Accident insurance allows to cover the entire group of people that directly depends on the insured if this one comes to die. In this case, the insurance include the repatriation and offer a takeover of funeral expenses.

What’s more, the insurance allows the insured to benefit from additional guarantees, for example, in case of hospital admission, there is not only a takeover of hospital fees but also to benefit from a daily capital deposited for each day spent in the hospital.

Why should I subscribe a “Personal Accident” insurance ?

  • If you have kids and want to insure, protect the future of your family.
  • If you would like to protect yourself against everyday life accident (fall at work, assault in the street, traffic accident…)
  • If you would like to offer a support to your relatives in case of unexpected expenses due to an everyday life accident.
  • If you frequently travel (personal or professional)
  • If you want to protect yourself against a possible disability that might affect your career.
  • If you have a strategic position in your company and you would like to guarantee its prosperity in case of disability, or death.

There are multiple reasons for which it is useful to subscribe a Personal Accident insurance. For you, and your family.

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