Coronavirus COVID-19 : how your insurance is going to help you ?


Coronavirus COVID-19 : how your insurance is going to help you ?

Coronavirus COVID-19 : how your insurance is going to help you ?

The Covid-19 coronavirus, originally known as the Chinese coronavirus or Wuhan pneumonia - the city where the epidemic originated - is keeping the world on alert and has caused an unprecedented health crisis, aggravated by its spread outside China all over the world, including Portugal. In this article, we will give you the best advices and above all, how your health insurance can help you.

What does mean « Coronavirus » ?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses discovered in the 1960s but of unknown origin. Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease. At this time, there are no vaccines or treatments.

How to avoid the spread of the virus?

The first important step you should take is to avoid contact with anyone who has been affected or has had contact with an affected person. This also applies to those who have many of the symptoms of the coronavirus. Please see below a list of the symptoms:

  • Avoid risky contacts

symptoms Coronavirus

  • Hygiene measures

It is extremely important to have an impeccable lifestyle and wash your hands frequently (Hot water, 20 seconds, all surfaces of the hands, between the fingers but also at the wrists).

hands cleaning Coronavirus

  • Safety distances:

Avoid built-up areas and try to keep at least 1 meter away from other people, especially if they have been exposed.

  • Cough/sneeze carefullyCough-sneeze carefully coronavirus

  • Cooking process

Cook food sufficiently, especially meat and eggs.

How can your health insurance help you?

Dedicated phones

If you have any doubts about a possible contamination, see below the specific pone numbers you can use to inform you:

Fidelidade Multicare (from Portugal) : +351 808 782 424

Fidelidade Multicare (abroad) : +351 217 948 704

Una Seguros (from Portugal) : +351 707 100 131

Una Seguros (abroad) : +351 210 184 442

Medis : +351 218 458 888

This service will allow you to request additional information on symptoms and what to do in case of possible contamination.

If you have symptoms of the virus do not go directly to a medical centre, thanks to your health insurance you can request a home visit.

  • Screening Tool

Medis, Fidelidade Mutlicare and Una Seguros are committed to covering the screening tool for people who have a health insurance contract that includes Ambulatory Plan coverage, always under medical prescription.. There is no cost to the client.

  • Video consultations

Thanks to your health insurance with Fidelidade Multicare, you will get for free the application MULTICARE MEDICINA ONLINE which allows you to carry out a video consultation with a specialist doctor. You will be able to see and talk to a doctor, can update and share photos or tests for evaluation. You will need to download the application, register and you will then be able to get an appointment during the day.

Download the App here : (links for IOS and Android)


Android :


For customers who have the ''Medicina online'' guarantee subscribed to in their health insurance policy they can carry out an online test. Link :


If you don't have health insurance yet, don't hesitate to ask us for a comparison of the best health insurance here.

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