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Executive Insurance


Are you a company executive? Have you heard of “D&O” insurance?

It’s actually “Directors and Officers” insurance which covers company directors’ and officers’ liability, particularly in the event of a management failure.

Here are a few explanations with regard to this insurance…


Why take out directors and officers liability insurance?

“Each time you see a successful company, you tell yourself it’s because someone once made a courageous decision,” says Peter Drucker, an American management professor.

Taking risks and making courageous decisions are daily tasks in the world of business, but it also sometimes leads miscalculations and management errors. Whether they come from a director or an employee, these management errors can have potentially disastrous consequences on the company’s future and involve liability issues.

That is why protection against “everyday” management mistakes is one major part of D&O insurance.


Insurance for executives: what does it cover?

Everyday management mistakes are covered by Directors and Officers insurance such as errors on tax statements, forgotten payments and even poor investment choices, for example.

It also covers errors or omissions that may unknowingly lead the company to a violation of its legal obligations.

This insurance can also cover “director-employee issues”: a failure to make good on a promise for promotion, for example.

This guarantee enables access to legal experts who can advise you on how to resolve your disputes.


Who is “directors and officers liability” insurance for?

This “executive” insurance does not company companies as legal entities, but rather the decision makers themselves to the extent of their duties. It may be signed by the company to cover its directors and officers.

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INOV Expat – About us

INOV Expat is an insurance brokerage firm aimed at French and English-speaking expatriates in Spain, and now in Portugal, which has signed partnership agreements with the leading insurance companies on the market. We know just how much moving to another country can bring about a lot of surprises and procedures which are sometimes quite complex.

So, ever since its foundation in 2004, INOV Expat has not only aimed to assist its expatriate clients search for “custom insurance” but also defend their rights in the event of a claim.


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